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In this episode, Jeff will explain the appropriate steps to take to try to travel bed bug free.  Regardless of what is explained in this episode, if you visit you can download the Travel Lite or Travel Guide which are documents that explain how to travel bed bug free in greater detail.  Everybody’s level of concern in regards to bed bugs is different when they travel.  Depending on that level of concern will depend on the extent with which you inspect the room you are staying in.  Beyond that, the basic steps that you should complete are on the trip home and when you arrive home.  You should bag your suitcases when you are driving back to your home to try to avoid infesting your automobile.  When arriving home you should unpack your suitcases outside of the home and separate your belongings into piles to be laundered which should be emptied directly into the washing machine.  After that, you should address the non-launderables and suitcases with either Hot Shot No-pest strips or a Packtite portable heating unit.  If these basic steps are taken it should minimize the chance that after traveling you infest your home with bed bugs.

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