Preferred Pesticides for Bed Bug Treatment

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Thu, 2011-06-23 00:00

In this episode Jeff will discuss the pesticides that he and BedBug Central are using in their bed bug treatment protocols.  Please keep in mind that it is not his intention to sell anyone on a specific pesticide.  There are many pesticides available that may have similar effects to the examples mentioned in this video and a company not using these pesticides does not mean they have chosen poorly.  Also, most of the products mentioned in this video are intended to be used by pest control professionals.  If a non-licensed individual decided to purchase any of the examples mentioned and apply them on their own, please follow all label directions carefully and review any laws that are specific to your individual state.   For a liquid residual we are currently alternating service to service Transport GHP and Demand CS in an effort to optimize the effect of these products while trying to manage and resistance concerns.  For dusts, we use Tri-Die and Diatomaceous Earth.  Please watch the video for more information on why we chose each product and any concerns we have with each.

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