DIY Bed Bug Monitors: Creating a Trap Around the Bed Leg

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Tue, 2010-10-26 00:00

In this episode Jeff will discuss how to make a bed bug barrier and/or interception device for your bed or couches at home.  Many don't have the money to afford commercially available interception devices and this will discuss some ways to create your own.  A bed bug barrier attempts to prevent bed bugs from gaining access to the bed but making the bed legs unable to be climbed.  These monitors will only work if the sheets are tucked in, the bed is pulled away from the wall and no other items touch the floor.  Bed bug interception devices catch the bugs as they travel to and from the bed.  By using such items as soapy water, oil, sticky tape, glue and vaseline, you can created your own interception devices using a household container.  Please remember that when creating a barrier device bed bugs should not be able to climb the outside of the container but when creating an interception device they should be able to climb the outside of the container.  Also, remember that these devices should not be viewed as control tools and will most likely not control your bed bug infestation.

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