Carbon Dioxide Detectors for Bed Bugs

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-10-05 00:00

In this episode, Jeff will discuss the concepts of carbon dioxide detectors for detecting bed bugs and some preliminary thoughts and findings he has on two devices that are currently available.  There are several devices currently available that are intended to detect concentrations of carbon dioxide and thus are being positioned as bed bug detectors.  Bed bugs, like many other organisms, release carbon dioxide when the breath and these devices can supposedly detect low level concentrations of CO2.  The concern with this concept is that many organisms can emit carbon dioxide and there are many other reason carbon dioxide can concentrate in an area and therefore we have serious concerns about having  a high-rate of false positives when using these devices.  In brief studies in our offices we demonstrated that two of these devices can in fact detect bed bugs but the devices did also detect carbon dioxide in other areas where bed bugs were not present (thus we confirmed our concern about false positives).  This being said, further testing needs to be conducted to confirm these findings and until these studies are conducted, we caution users to be cautious drawing conclusions from positive findings when using  these monitors.

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