Bed Bugs In Retail Stores

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In this episode Jeff discusses the recent news articles on bed bugs being found in retail stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and Victorias Secret and what you should do if you're concerned about encountering bugs in retail stores. Even though most of the information presented in this episode is in generalizations (from working with bed bugs for years I know anything is possible), the likelihood that you are going to encounter bed bugs in a retail store is extremely remote. Retail stores are not ideal environments for bed bugs as a host is not theoretically sleeping there nor sitting still long enough for bed bugs to feed. Therefore, if bugs are found in these environments, they were most likely introduced from either a shopper or employee that has a problem at home and bed bugs hitched a ride into these stores on a personal belonging. If you are still concerned about this possibility you just need to educate yourself on what bed bugs look like and how to inspect the items you purchase at these stores. You can also watch the Bed Bug TV episode on how to treat personal belongings ( ) for more information on options you have to proactively treat items that you are concerned about. Again, the chance you are going to encounter bed bugs in a retail store are slim due to the biology and behavior of bed bugs.

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