Bed Bugs, Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease

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Follow Jeff @JWhiteBBTV  - In this episode Jeff will talk about bed bugs, kissing bugs and Chagas disease.  From a bed bug perspective, they have not been shown to have the ability to transmit any diseases.  Even though bed bugs and kissing bugs are distantly related, bed bugs cannot transmit Chagas disease and it should not be a concern to anyone watching this video.  The incidence of Chagas disease and the prevalence of kissing bugs in the United States is the focus of research being conducted by Texas A&M university.  It has long been known that kissing bugs and Chagas disease exist near the US/Mexico border but reports are on the rise in areas north of this.  Kissing bugs typically bite around the eyes and mouth and commonly transmit the disease by defecating in the open would that was created by the bug feeding on the human.  A larger risk than humans may be the risk of transmission to dogs living in kennels and other outdoor areas.  For more information on the topic please visit Texas A&M's website or e-mail Texas A&M at

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