Bed Bugs and Personal Belongings

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In this episode Jeff will summarize the different options that exist for treating items that you cannot launder or directly treat.  Such items could be:  electronics, books, paintings, pictures, dvd players, radios, alarm clocks, boxes and just clutter in general.  The three main options you have in order to deal with these items are:  the Packtite portable heating unit, DDVP pest strips (Hot Shot No-pest strips or Nuvan pest strips) or commodity fumigations.  Please watch episodes 32, 28, 22 and 5 for additional information on these 3 options.  In regards to commodity fumigations, the Bed Bugs in Cars episode talks about the technology but in order to use this technology you would need to load all of your personal belongings into a truck and drive the truck to a fumigation company to perform the service.

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