The Bed Bug Patch

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In this episode Jeff will discuss a new product on the market called the Bed Bug Patch.  This product claims to increase your repellency to bed bugs by placing a patch on your skin that releases Vitamin B1, or thiamine.  This vitamin has long been rumored to increase your repellency to insects by decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide that your body releases.  While research needs to be conducted on the theory of B1 as a bed bug repellent, previous studies on the topic have demonstrated that B1 is not an effective mosquito repellent and bed bugs are attracted to many of the same cues that mosquitoes respond to.  Therefore, the scientific findings that B1 is not an effective mosquito repellent makes us question the manufacturer of the Bed Bug Patch's claims that it will improve a humans repellency to bed bugs.  Based on studies showing that B1 is not an effective insect repellent, you should probably keep these studies in mind in regards to your expectations when purchasing this product until studies are completed to demonstrate otherwise.

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