Robert DiJoseph

Robert DiJoseph, President of BedBug Central, brings nearly a decade of experience as a business development consultant to the pest management industry. His background in marketing and outreach intersects several industries, spanning from hospitality to property management. Prior to becoming the President, DiJoseph specialized in business development and market growth within the bed bug sector of the pest management industry, in addition to being a sales consultant to industries affected by bed bugs.

As President, DiJoseph is responsible for day to day management of business and staff within BedBug Central. Additionally he is also responsible for budget creation and financial management for the company. He is also instrumental in product development, sales and marketing and management of financial reporting.

Still very much involved in business development logistics as well, DiJoseph’s roles here include; rapidly developing and implementing business and treatment protocols specific to bed bugs, identifying and capturing untapped markets, and promoting market growth and revenue generation within several bed bug affected industries (pest management firms, universities, property management, hospitality, and commercial properties/office buildings).

DiJoseph also specializes in non-chemical treatment protocols in affected areas such as food and beverage, hospitality and property management.

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