Our Perspective - Marketers of Bed Bug Products Settle With FTC

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Tue, 2013-07-23 00:00

We hope that this is a warning to manufacturers when it comes to making claims about their products. Many industries are plagued with this problem and we’re hoping this starts to serve as an example to manufactures making claims about their products.

Two marketers of unproven cedar oil-based remedies for bed bugs and head lice have agreed to enter into settlements with the Federal Trade Commission that prohibit the allegedly deceptive claims, and require pre-approval from the Food and Drug Administration for any future treatment claims about head lice products.

The settlements resolve deceptive advertising charges the FTC filed last year against Dave Glassel and the companies he controlled, including Chemical Free Solutions, LLC, alleging that they made overhyped claims that their BEST Yet! line of cedar-oil-based liquid products would treat and prevent bed bug and head lice infestations.


Please click here to read the Associated Press story about the settlement agreement and click here to read the FTC press release. 

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