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Upcoming Educational Offerings Through BedBug University
Learn About BedBug Central’s NO PREP Protocol During These Unique Educational Programs

In-house Boot Camp – August 20 – 23, 2013

Boot Camp is an intensive four day course designed to shorten the learning curve of companies that want to increase their bed bug revenues and enhance their bed bug business model. Boot camp also aims to educate those in the affected industries, who will benefit greatly from day one and day two of Boot Camp. Bed Bug Boot Camp

"Learning about new processes and technologies, including the NO PREP method, was intriguing. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend Boot Camp. The information and expertise shared will be easily integrated into the day-to-day aspects of our bed bug business."
Dena Berg, Northwest Exterminating, Tucson, AZ (bedbugFREE company)

On the Job Observation -Tuesdays & Thursdays in June

Participants will accompany the stellar BedBug Central Technical Team for a firsthand field observation experience. This one day course is an ideal opportunity for both the pest management industry as well as those industries affected by bed bugs. On-The-Job Observation

"Before BBU field training, I was working too hard to eliminate bed bugs. My time in the field with the BBC experts was time and money well spent!"
Cleveland Dixon, Owner, Holiday Termite & Pest Control (Herndon, VA)


Inquire quickly, availability is limited for these classes.  Call: Robert DiJoseph for more information or to reserve a date. (877) 411-1142 or robert.dijoseph@bedbugcentral.com.

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