BedBug Boot Camp in Ann Arbor 10/2-10/3

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BedBug Central's Bed Bug Boot Camp Road Show is coming to Ann Arbor, MI Thursday & Friday, Oct 2-3, 2014. This is a great opportunity to improve upon an existing bed bug program or starting a new one. Attendees will learn to create, run and manage a successful bed bug program, offer a 5-Month NO BUGS, NO BITE Guarantee and eliminate unnecessary client prep. 

Attendees will also earn valuable CEU's in MI, IN & OH:

Michigan: 8 credits for 10/2 in 7A, Comm CORE Seminar

  8 credits for 10/2 in 7A, Comm CORE Seminar


Indiana:    CCH’s Oct 2 & Oct 3, category: 7A: 9 and RT: 4



10/2:        8am BB 101 Commercial / 10A- 3 hours

               10am BB 102 Commercial / 10A- 1 hour

               1pm  BB 201 Commercial / 10A – 4.5 hours

10/3:       8am BB 201 continued Commercial / 10A – 2.5 hours

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