3 Reasons Why You Can't Afford to Miss the 2015 Global Bed Bug Summit

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We know that there are many demands for your time and money and you have to pick and choose the events that you attend very carefully. The past year has brought about many changes to the industry and we feel that this year's Global Bed Bug Summit is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for anyone in the bed bug business. We put together these 3 reasons why we feel you can't afford to miss the 2015 Global Bed Bug Summit: 

Reason #1: The Times They Are A Changing. Maybe you have your bed bug protocols down to a science. You are confident and profitable in the market or perhaps you are working on getting there. Even if your bed bug business is booming, the business and how you go about it has changed dramatically in the past year and big changes are sure to come in 2015. At this year's summit, learn more about the new science available and new products on the market, as well as the latest business trends to keep your bed bug business on top. 

Reason #2:  The Industry is Moving from a Re-Active Approach to Bed Bugs to a Recurring Revenue Model. Perhaps the most exciting change in the industry right now is that PMPs are finally able to offer their residential and commercial clients an affordable and on-going bed bug monitoring program. This year's Summit is sure to be packed with not only Technical Directors but Marketers looking for ideas for the upcoming years bed bug programs and marketing campaigns. The Global Bed Bug Summit will be filled with new and exciting ideas to take home and put into action in your marketplace. 

Reason #3: Take Your Bed Bug Business to the Next Level. The Summit will cover a lot of what is holding you back. Whether callbacks are killing your profitability or clients just aren't cooperating, you will find at the Summit the tools and the know-how to take your business to the next level. You will hear how your peers who run some of the most profitable and effective bed bug programs in the country handle those same problems that you face every day. 

You definitely can't afford to miss this year's Global Bed Bug Summit. Get all of the information you need from a technical, business and customer perspective to grow your bed bug business in 2015 and beyond. 





On Thursday, January 8th, we invite you to join our Summit's leading speakers for a casual night of questions and fun interaction. This will be a unique opportunity to meet with industry experts about anything and everything. 



Mingle with friends while learning about innovative products, current techniques, and bed bug management solutions! 



On Thursday, January 8, join your friends and colleagues in ExpoCentral where you can sample a variety of interesting microbrews and local fare. 



The Global Bed Bug Summit will be held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown in Denver, Colorado. For hotel reservations, please call 888-627-8405



Join us January 4-7 for a pre-event ski trip at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort. An additional fee of $195 per person is required for this trip. To make hotel reservations, call 888-421-1442 by December 4th to receive the overnight discounted rate of $199 per night. 


Questions? Contact NPMA at npma@pestworld.org. `

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