“Insects and the City” YouTube Series Premiers

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Sarah Latyn hosts BedBug Central’s newest Video Series called “Insects and the City”

 Lawrenceville, NJSarah Latyn of BedBug Central has debuted her first YouTube series, “Insects and the City.”

“I’m excited to begin this new venture with all the viewers of YouTube,” Latyn said. “I’m hopeful that viewers will enjoy the fun, new series as we tackle topics on bed bugs in affordable housing and eventually segue into other pests that plague public housing.”

“Insects and the City” is a new YouTube series produced by BedBug Central and hosted by Latyn to specifically address bed bug issues that housing authorities all across the country are facing.

“Affordable housing is facing a crisis when it comes to bed bugs,” said Robert DiJoseph, president of BedBug Central. “We recognize how important it is to provide both public housing agencies (PHAs) as well as privately-owned affordable housing, with the vital information on how to help reduce the building-wide infestations that they are facing as well as giving them the tools they need to move forward with the proper pest control expectations.”

Don’t expect too many similarities though between “Insects and the City” and Jeff White’s BedBug TV episodes.

“The new series is completely different from BedBug TV,” DiJoseph said. “Although they may cover similar topics, the feel is very different, as are both of our hosts. We wanted the new series to showcase Sarah’s diverse personality and really be a reflection of who she is as a person.”

Latyn’s unique personality is clearly on display in the opening sequence of “Insects and the City” where her love of fashion is prominent but yet she stops dead in her tracks on the city street to lovingly pick up a cockroach on the sidewalk.

The first episode of the series focuses on Latyn’s background, how and why she became involved with BedBug Central as well as how her love of insects first started.

“For our first episode, I wanted viewers to get a little bit of insight into who I am and why I am here,” Latyn said. “But as we move forward I’m eager to tackle other topics, especially those that viewers may suggest.”

BedBug Central expects to release the next “Insects and the City” episode later this month but you can view the first episode here. If you would like to submit a topic for a future episode, email Latyn at sarah.latyn@bedbugcentral.com.

To stay up-to-date with Latyn on social media, like her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel for notifications on the upcoming “Insects and the City” episodes.

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