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When a pest control company becomes a bedbugFREE approved company, they become a part of the growing network of pest management firms committed to BedBug Central treatment methods.

The bedbugFREE network includes “like-minded companies who share the philosophies of BedBug Central.” All pest management companies who apply for bedbugFree membership will undergo a rigorous screening and training process overseen by research entomologist, Jeffrey White.

Approved companies are then listed as bedbugFREE on BedBug Central’s website and in turn, receive client referrals and the ability to purchase discounted products directly from BedBug Central as part of the bedbugFREE network.

A referral within the bedbugFree Network can be generated by:

Geo-Targeted banner ads. BedBug Central will display banner ads that are localized to the website visitors’ location. A sample ad banner ad is provided below.

The bedbugFree directory. A visitor may also search the bedbugFree directory to locate bedbugFree companies in their area.

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Additionally when you become a bedbug member you will receive access to the bedbugFree Hub which contains marketing tools, industry research, newsletters, and much more!

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