Jeff White

Jeffrey White, technical director of BedBug Central and host of BedBug TV, has over 10 years of experience as an entomologist and offers his expertise in many different areas of entomology including; bed bug research, protocol development, and evaluating the efficacy of bed bug treatment methods. White has worked on the technical evaluation of various products as well as developing bed bug management programs for residential and commercial properties. He is currently evaluating new products and conducting research to determine a more effective and cost efficient bed bug treatment plan.

White has presented to forums that include the National Pest Management Association, state pest management associations, the Entomological Society of America, the International Hotel and Motel Show, as well as dozens of apartment associations, affordable housing and senior living associations. He’s been featured as a bed bug expert on ABC’s The View, NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams, NBC’s Today’s Show, ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Animal Planets Infested, and Dateline, among many others. ,

White also developed BedBug TV, an online weekly video podcast that has been viewed by over a million people across the world. BedBug TV discusses different topics and answers questions in regards to bed bugs.

White earned his Master of Science degree in entomology at the University of Florida and his Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences from Rutgers University.

To view Jeff's complete Bio & CV, click here: Curriculum Vitae:  Jeffrey C. White

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