Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector for Homeowners, Renters and Non-Pest Control Professionals

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In this video, Jeff will describe how the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector by FMC works and what to consider when hiring someone to install it in your home or office.  The first thing to know is that Verifi™ is only available to pest control industry professionals and any homeowner or renter watching this video should contact your local pest control professional to ask more about the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector.  The Verifi™ uses both CO2 and a chemical lure to attract bed bugs to it.  The CO2 booster lasts 24 hours once activated and the lure will last 90 days after installed.  This device can be used to confirm a problem exists, verify a problem has been eliminated or be used as a proactive monitor to detect bed bugs early on.  The intervals with which Verifi™ should be inspected and rate at which the booster and lure are going to be replaced are discussions to be had with your local pest control provider.  Research has indicated that bed bugs are activated about 5 feet from where the Verifi™ has been set.  This 5 foot radius should be a starting point when designing where Verifi™ will be set and sleeping areas should be considered as focal points for monitoring.  If  you are a pest control industry professional and want to learn more about setting Verifi™ for the detection of bed bugs please watch this video which is better suited for that application:

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