Steam vs. Cryonite

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In this episode Jeff will discuss the differences in using steam or cryonite to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. This video is not intended to sell anyone on using either of these devices but rather explain why Jeff is more of a fan of steam and the observations that drove him to this decision. Research has demonstrated that steam and heat penetrates better than cold and because of this, steam fits well into the protocol he developed to treat couches. You can place a steamer over pleats and folds on a couch and quickly penetrate the area and kill and bed bugs hiding in those folds. Cold/Cryonite does not penetrate as well and with cold you need to be aware of bounceback (where bed bugs appear to be frozen and dead but come back to life only minutes after they thaw). In addition, you can place a towel over most steam heads and reduce the velocity with which steam exits the device. With Cryonite, the velocity with which the “snow” leaves the unit is a concern in that it may blow bugs off of a surface before the cold has a chance to kill them. That being said, Cryonite may be a better option for areas where electronics may be present (offices, etc…) as Cryonite introduces less moisture to the area being treated.

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