How to Dispose of Bed Bug Infested Furniture

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Thu, 2012-11-15 00:00

In this episode Jeff will discuss the proper way to dispose of bed bug infested furniture.  The first point to discuss is that disposing of infested furniture is often not necessary as most items should and can be salvaged.  The only times it is typically necessary are when the homeowner simply can’t sleep on bed bug infested furniture, the item is too infested to warrant treating or the item is too old and damaged.  If disposal is recommended, the items should be enclosed prior to carrying outside to prevent bugs from falling off and infesting the home further.  If one chooses to DIY, tarping can be purchased at a local hardware store and the furniture wrapped and carried out.  The issue is that many hardware tarps are tough to work with and many adhesives do not stick well to the tarp.  If a professional product is necessary, Protect-A-Bed and others make furniture disposal bags that can safely enclose an item, use a zipper to seal the bag and provide labels to properly tag the item as bed bug infested.  These disposal bags can also be used during the moving process to protect furniture from bed bugs in moving trucks.

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