Bed Bug DNA Test

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In this video, Jeff will talk about a DNA test for bed bugs, what you should know and what the tests capabilities are.  A DNA test exists for bed bugs where you can swab (rub with a Q-tip or supplied swab) an area that you think may have bed bugs and if bed bugs are present and they have left any DNA behind, the swab will pick up that DNA and test positive for the presence of bed bug DNA.  This test IS NOT THE RIGHT TEST for you if you have had bed bugs in the past and you are trying to determine if they still exist or have made a comeback.  The DNA does not break down very fast and the test will most likely come back positive and bed bugs may not be present.  The DNA test can be an inexpensive way to provide you an idea whether or not you have bed bugs.  Please remember that a negative test result does not mean that you do not have bed bugs as bugs could be present and not have left DNA in the area you swabbed.  This test can also be used to test black spots and bugs that have been found to see if they are bed bugs.

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