Copesan Purchases BedBug University's E-Learning Series

National Commercial Pest Management Service Provider Purchases BedBug University’s E-Learning Series for Additional Training on Bed Bugs

Lawrenceville, N.J.Copesan Services Inc., commercial pest management provider to national accounts, recently purchased BedBug University’s e-learning modules on bed bugs to expand the educational offerings to their network.

Formed in 1958, Copesan is an alliance of regional pest management providers united to serve national accounts with local expertise. Copesan University is Copesan’s proprietary online learning management system designed to offer high-quality, comprehensive, consistent education to Copesan’s service and support teams across the Copesan network.

“Copesan University is constantly seeking technical online training related to the pest control industry,” said Jessica Janiszewski, director of human resources for Copesan. “Our options are very limited and there are few content developers developing online pest control training.” 

Rachel Davis, Copesan University Administrator, was searching for additional training on bed bugs when the BedBug University’s e-learning series was brought to her attention.

“We were interested in expanding our existing bed bug training material,” Davis said. “One of our University advisory group members happened upon an announcement of BedBug Central’s e-learning modules. It seemed a natural fit with our ongoing training needs.”

BedBug University’s e-learning series consists of three, 30-minute segments that cover bed bug biology and behavior, treatment and monitoring.

“Copesan University’s goal is to continue to enhance the course offerings and available training for the Copesan Network – whether online via the Copesan University or in other formats,” Janiszewski said. “The Bed Bug course provides another option for technical training on Copesan University for our invested University partners. We are excited to have this offering.”

After using a trial run of the modules, Davis knew her members would benefit from the information provided in the e-learning.

“The course information was good, especially on the biology of bed bugs,” she said. “The incorporation of educational graphics and videos really enhanced the material.”

Copesan worked together with BedBug Central to implement the modules within their University and are pleased to announce that they are now available to Copesan University partners.

Pest control companies can purchase the BedBug University e-learning series for individuals or multiple employees through an annual site license. More information regarding the e-learning series or other educational training can be found on BedBug University’s website.

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800-267-3726, ext. 2214

Jeff White

BedBug Central

Director of Innovation and Technical Content

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