BedBug Central Introduces Three New Speakers

BedBug Central Announces Three New Team Members Available for Speaking Engagements

Lawrenceville, N.J.BedBug Central has expanded their team of speaking engagement experts by including University of Florida’s Brittany Campbell, Virginia Tech’s Molly Stedfast and BedBug Central’s Danny White.

Both Campbell and Stedfast fell into the bed bug field through Virginia Tech’s Entomologist Dr. Dini Miller. Campbell had been interested in pursuing a degree in entomology, but never considered urban entomology until she started working with Miller on bed bugs for her graduate education.

“I learned as much as I could about bed bugs on my own,” Campbell said, “and then agreed to join her program because I felt that I was going to be able to do really applicable research that could potentially make a difference in people's lives.”

When Stedfast was an undergraduate biochemistry major at Virginia Tech, she was working in a vector disease lab with mosquitoes where she realized she had developed an interest with insects and wanted to pursue that route rather than being stuck behind a lab bench. Stedfast continued her graduate education under Miller, where her primary focus was to be the Virginia Public School Integrated Pest Management program, however that quickly changed as they both realized what a problem bed bugs were becoming.

“My research focus quickly changed to bed bugs as Dr. Miller and I realized just how much research and education was needed to meet the demands of the country's new bed bugs crisis,” Stedfast said.

Throughout their extensive educational careers, both Campbell and Stedfast have seen the pest industry make significant improvements in regards to bed bug knowledge and treatments, but still feel the industry has a ways to go before it is completely caught up with bed bug research.

“I think one of the main problems is that pest control companies aren’t always using research to guide their decisions when building a protocol,” Campbell said. “When science isn’t used to make solid protocol decisions, it can lead to companies using ineffective products and thus having poor results. Strong science-based protocols leads to great results, efficient treatments and happy customers, as well as improving the reputation of the entire pest control industry.”

Stedfast also mentioned that it starts with just basic bed bug knowledge to help alleviate the spread of infestations.

“I personally feel that basic bed bug education is the most important aspect in combating bed bug infestations,” Stedfast said. “If every person knew what a bed bug looked like, was aware of their potential presence, and had a rudimentary idea of what to do if a bed bug is found, we would not be dealing with such vast and persistent bed bug infestations as we are now.”

While Campbell and Stedfast will focus on bed bug research, BedBug Central’s Danny White will tackle the business angle of bed bugs. After first starting with Cooper Pest Solutions in 2009, White went into the sales field and became a bed bug account manager. He enjoyed every second of it and soon became a consultant for BedBug Central, where he would travel across the country and share his knowledge of bed bugs from a sales perspective. After watching his brother, Jeff White, doing various speaking events, White decided that was a route he was interested in pursuing.

“After seeing my brother Jeff command an audience by speaking and sharing his knowledge, I was inspired to do the same,” White said. “The feeling of speaking in front of an audience and sharing your personal sales experience is an incredible feeling.”

White’s experience as a sales manager brings a new perspective for speaking engagements that illustrates how to properly implement protocols into a bed bug management program that is both profitable and successful in eliminating bed bugs.

“Differentiating your bed bug service from the competition is important,” he said. “In my speaking engagements, I explain how to add encasements, interception devices and active bed bug monitors to a program and have it still remain profitable for the companies.”

By adding Campbell, Stedfast and White to BedBug Central’s new speaker roster, they are bringing on a fresh, new perspective on everything that encompasses bed bugs.

“I am incredibly passionate about educating people about bed bugs so that they can be as prepared as possible,” Stedfast stated.

Sharing in Stedfast’s similar excitement, Campbell hopes to use her experience and knowledge to help make a difference within the pest industry and beyond.

“I love academia and research but I’m thrilled to join the BedBug Central team,” Campbell said. “I can really use my bed bug knowledge and help apply it in the best manner that can be a service to communities and the nation. As a researcher we consider publications to be the most important way to get our research and science out, but really talking first hand to pest control companies and the public is the best way to convey our research.”

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Additional Contact Information

Brittany Campbell

Graduate Research Assistant

Entomology and Nematology Department

University of Florida

(352) 392-2326

Molly Stedfast

Program Director

Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center

Virginia Tech

Department of Entomology

(540) 231-4045

Danny White

BedBug Central

National Account Manager

(609) 954-9594

Rob DiJoseph

BedBug Central

Vice President of Operations

(609) 915-2701

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BedBug Central is the nation’s most authoritative source on bed bugs and related issues such as health, detection, and treatment. Nationally regarded entomologist Richard Cooper helped develop the company in 2009, in response to the lack of quality information available on bed bugs. BedBug Central is home to the SenSci Volcano™, an interception device that captures bed bugs, and the SenSci Activ™, a bed bug lure developed and tested through laboratory research conducted by Rutgers University.

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