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New University Research Highlights Bed Bug Monitoring For Housing Authorities

Research Illustrates a Cost-Effective Bed Bug Monitoring Option for Multi-Unit Facilities

Lawrenceville, NJ – Bed bugs continue to cause multi-family housing authorities headaches when it comes to early detection and treatment, however, recent research has created a viable model for building-wide monitoring within the restraints of budgetary concerns.

Jeff White Featured in Pest Perspectives Magazine

BedBug Central's Technical Director and BedBugTV Host, Jeff White, was a featured contributor for Florida Pest Management Association's July/August issue of Pest Perspectives Magazine. In the article, White describes what the future holds for controlling bed bugs in a variety of settings and ways, including using Cimexa and how monitors can detect and assist in treating bed bugs. To read his article, click here

Interceptors Biggest Game Changing Tool Since Encasements

Dr. Richard Cooper explains through extensive research how interception devices should be a staple tool in bed bug treatments

Lawrenceville, N.J. — Nationally recognized bed bug expert Dr. Richard Cooper found through extensive research that the use of pitfall interceptor devices (traps used to catch bed bugs) play a critical role in the treatment of bedbug infestations of all sizes.


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