BedBug Central Announces Free Site Visit Winner

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Eastside Exterminators announced as Free Site Visit Winner

Seattle-Based Pest Control Company Wins Free Site Visit Contest with BedBug Central


Lawrenceville, NJBedBug Central is excited to announce that the winner for the Free Site Visit contest are Eastside Exterminators from Woodinville, WA.

“We’re thrilled to say that Eastside Exterminators are the winner for the contest,” said President of BedBug Central, Robert DiJoseph. “We had hundreds of submissions from all over the country and we wish we could visit them all, but unfortunately only one could be selected.” 

The Free Site Visit contest, which ran from August until October, allowed the winner to bring the BedBug Central team to his/her workplace for one full day of training on BedBug Central’s unique, “No Prep” methodology.

Ron Wikstrom, technical director for Eastside Exterminators, entered the contest in hopes to receive the training which they had been following for years through webinars and other outlets from BedBug Central.

“I have been following BedBug Central for a few years and am a big fan of the processes described,” Wikstrom said. “In fact I have embraced most of what I have read and heard on webinars from BedBug Central. Our success rate on bed bug work is, in short, 100 percent because of embracing the treatment philosophies Bed Bug Central encourages.”

Wikstrom stated that although they have been following the BedBug Central philosophies, he hoped to win the contest to make sure Eastside Exterminators were doing the protocols correctly since they were launching a dedicated bed bug department.

“We are now opening up a dedicated Bed Bug department and it is always good to have a ‘peer review’ to make sure there are no holes in our service program, especially as we grow,” Wikstrom said. “With the site visit, we hope to ensure that our methods, prep requirements, technician training, documentation, and customer expectation explanations are in line with the most up to date understanding of bed bugs as well as the available treatments.”

Wikstrom expects that site visit to be a valuable, impactful experience for everyone at Eastside Exterminators.

“We are excited to be able gain insight from people who live and breathe this environment and ensure our business model for bed bugs puts us in a good place to help customers get their issues fixed,” he said. “Bed Bug services by their very nature are expensive, so making sure our customers get the most value from each service is very important. The quicker the resolution the better for all and we expect BedBug Central will help us deliver that.”


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BedBug Central is the nation’s most authoritative source for bed bugs and related issues such as health, detection, and treatment. Nationally regarded entomologist Dr. Richard Cooper helped develop the company in 2009, in response to the lack of quality information available on bed bugs. BedBug Central is the manufacturer of the SenSci Volcano® and SenSci BlackOut®, which are interception devices that capture bed bugs, as well as the SenSci Activ®, a bed bug lure developed and tested through laboratory research conducted by Rutgers University.

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