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Sarah Latyn explains how “No Prep” is essential for Affordable Housing

Lawrenceville, NJBedBug Central has released the second episode in the series “Insects and the City” titled “Is no preparation the best preparation?”

“We’re ready to dive head-first into a topic that many may deem unconventional when it comes to the industry standard,” said Sarah Latyn, host of “Insects and the City.”

Although there are numerous converters to the “No Prep” methodology, Latyn believes there are still many who don’t practice the protocol and are losing out on the benefits of it, especially those in the affordable housing industry.   

“We’ve seen in research from Rutgers University that bed bug infestations throughout buildings can be eliminated about 95 percent of the time without client participation,” Latyn said. “And considering that a vast majority of affordable housing communities include disabled and senior living that research illustrates why we don’t have to overwhelm clients with extensive prep lists that can be physically demanding.”

Even though research has shown that most infestations can be eradicated without resident participation, Latyn explains that “No Prep” doesn’t necessarily mean no client cooperation whatsoever.

“When we say ‘No Prep’ we don’t mean no client cooperation at all, we actually mean that what we are doing is performing an assessment-based protocol where a professional will come in and observe the bed bugs in their natural setting, undisturbed,” she said. “This allows the professional to perform a more targeted, effective treatment.”

Latyn explained that she hopes this episode will shed some insight into the affordable housing industry and the way they handle bed bug infestations.

“We’re hoping that these episodes will continue to help affordable housing communities get a handle on the bed bug infestations that they are dealing with on a daily basis,” she said. “Even if we’re able to help change one mind to think differently on the way they treat for bed bugs, it can impact so many of their residents and provide them with the relief that they deserve.”

If you would like to submit a topic for a future episode, email Latyn at sarah.latyn@bedbugcentral.com.

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